You Must Be This Human to Cancel Service

Customers can do everything online except cancel service. Gives the company a chance to retain or up-sell.

"'Janet" does her best. But she must hand off to her supervisor, "Edward".

Same points are explained again: faster, cheaper, phone service included. Explained how we were speaking via the new Spectrum phone line.

"When do you want to schedule cancellation?"

"What? Today. Immediately. Spectrum is already installed. It's been up and running since last night."


Edward is a little difficult to understand because he speaks rapidly, as does anyone who has run through the same spiel hundreds of times.

Not his first rodeo.

Eventually something gets done. Edward says to expect an email confirming cancellation in "about four hours. Call this direct number, 866-446-4115, to check status if nothing arrives."

Thanks Edward.

Since it's Friday evening, Saturday morning is a good time to check.

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