Verify Your Account

Let's set up automatic billing with Spectrum.

After logging in the system displays

Okay, where's the code?

Okay, what code?

There does not appear to be a four-digit confirmation code anywhere on the new documents, the web site, no where.

"Hello, this is Danisha in Colorado. How can I help you?"

Letting the customer know the service representative's location is a nice touch.

As it turns out, the magic four-digit pin is sent on paper to the account address of record.  Nothing happens without the code: no automated bill pay, cannot see the account, nothing. Even the phone line feature set has a lock-out:

"Call us back by the 31st if you don't get a code."


One more thing: Spectrum charged for a modem battery backup. The installer had none and in fact said Spectrum no longer gave installation teams such batteries.

"Okay. I can reverse the charge for the battery."

"Yes please."

Reasonably decent service.



Battery price appears to have been reversed as of Monday 27 March.  Very nice.

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