Trapped in Limbo

Called U-verse and spoke with Edward who cancelled U-verse service Friday, 24 March.  "Expect a cancellation email within four hours.  If not, call 866-446-4115 to check the status of the cancellation."

No email. Now it's Monday 27 March.

"Hello, this is Derek in Nashville, how can I help you."

"Derek, I cancelled service and was told to expect an email.  Is there something I need to do?"

"Let me check that for you. What's the account number?"

Numbers and secret handshakes exchanged.

"You wanted to cancel the service as of when?"

"Last Friday, March 24th. I spoke with Edward. He said he cancelled service and the system would send an email.  I haven't received anything. The account still appears active."

Derek checks it out. Cheerful hold music for four minutes.

"Let me look into one more thing.  Please keep holding."

"Okay, take your time."

Three minutes of cheerful hold music.

Derek returns. He's managed to cancel the account and give me a confirmation number.  Great.

Checking the account management site confirms:

Good to go.

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