Out of frying pans, into fires

Fox Business news reports that Verizon may be interested in purchasing Netflix.Verizon also announced plans to buy wireless spectrum from ComCast, TimeWarner, and Brighthouse.

CATV is no longer where it's at. Virgin Media admitted they earn more from their Internet services than from TV in an SEC filing. Naturally: they pay content licenses to supply that service.  Content cost is pushed onto the consumer, who's licensing directly from studios or indirectly from Netflix, Amazon, Vudu, or whomever.

More consumers are watching shows on gaming consoles and other appliances.  Sony is thinking about starting its own TV content service.  Given the break-ins on Sony's Playstation Network, they may wish to harden their systems first.

Interesting times.

What will AT&T be doing?  Probably sending yet another "Please buy our U-verse TV" letter.