Billing Blues

Automatic payments had been set up in November.

AT&T's automatic billing for December did not happen. Now the bill is back to $70 (two month's rent), to be billed January 12.


1-800-ATT-2020. Voice response: "Enter the ten-digit number on your account"; "U-verse"; "Billing"; "Payments" ... For some reason the call routes to Chris in residential service. Chris reroutes to U-verse. "All our customer service representatives are helping other customers. Please stay on the line." Music and announcements play for 23 minutes, then the line goes dead.

1-800-ATT-2020. Ten-digit phone number. "U-verse". "Billing". Route to operator Sam. He checks the account; automatic billing is enabled.

Sam comments that it takes four to six weeks for automated billing to kick in once it's set up. Apparently, automatic billing was set up too late to make the December billing cycle.

Wow. AT&T is in no hurry to get paid.

Just wait until January; the whole charge for November and December will be billed then. "You can pay it yourself at any time."

Super. Let's let it ride and see what happens mid-January.

Sam makes an upsell to unlimited long distance for the house's back-up landline.

No thanks, Sam. Cells phones are for long distance.

Did I provide you with excellent service today?

Thanks Sam, you did. Happy New Year.

Happy New Year, sir.



My friend C-, who lives across town, noticed the AT&T U-versites proselytizing his neighborhood. They never came to his door, however.

How come? C- finally stopped one of them and asked.

Your house is not on our list.


We can't get service to you.

But you talk to both houses on either side of me, and the ones across the street.

We'll look into it.

Now, C- holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science, a few patents, and actually Knows Stuff. Maybe AT&T is getting wise that the technically-minded are a pain.

They'll look into it.


Agh! Salesman!

Not having a list of customers and not training sales folk is silly.

Another pair of nice fellows came by today, wanting to know whether I'd heard that AT&T had installed fiber optic TV.

Uh, yeah guys. And, no guys, it ain't FiOS, it's fiber to the box. And I'd tried the TV and ditched it. But the Internet is good. Thanks.

They got a printed copy of this blog's home page.