Return Rip-off

AT&T wants its gateway/router back. This gateway is the one installed in the Bay Area and transplanted to SoCal.  The "or else" is a $150 charge:

Fair enough. The DeathStar also wants a power cord and remote, neither of which were ever delivered or installed for Internet-only service:

A chat session with "Rose B." maybe straightens it out:

(Hey Kids! Don't forget to factory-reset the equipment and remove all logs and passwords and who-knows-what-all the device captured.)

The rip-off part comes at the UPS Store.  The UPS Store proprietor is unhappy to see a return via his business. He must spend time and energy attending the customer, generating a receipt, preparing the unit for shipment, and finally shipping it out. It's maybe five or ten minutes work.  Of course UPS gets paid to ship it.  The store owner?

For his efforts, AT&T pays him the princely sum of $0.01.

Yep. A penny. This amount does not cover the cost of the paper on which the receipt was printed.

Pretty skeezy, AT&T. You made thousands and thousands over nearly nine years of service. Throw the UPS guy a bone, maybe a $5 for his trouble.

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