The Ups and Downs

G.D. tried U-verse a year ago. He kept the Internet service but dropped the TV.

During the last month, he's had trouble keeping the link alive. After going round and round with AT&T, they're finally repairing the service.

Probable failure cause: corroded bridge tap between his house and the street. Solution: dig up the line to the street. The work supposedly started today.

G.D. lives in a neighborhood built some decades ago, so it's understandable that the copper infrastructure has aged. Regardless, it took some wrangling to get someone out to look at it. The failure is intermittent and data traffic is bursty, so the view from the central office generally showed the line as okay. Good thing G.D. is persistent enough to track it down to a resolution.

Update 2008-08-20

From: G.D.
Sent: Wed 8/20/2008 7:16 PM
Subject: gmail slow?

Is anyone else having problems with gmail being slow or is my internet connection still flaky?


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