Time to Pay the Piper

First U-verse bill:

U-400 TV8/15/08-9/14/08$99.00
Broadband Elite8/15/08-9/14/08 $35.00
Credit for August free TV8/15/08-8/31/08-$44.23
Taxes and Surcharges

What? Y- had said he would apply a $50 representative's coupon against the bill because he mistakenly sold the service -- including Internet -- as free for one month.

1-800-ATT-2020. Oops, Skype dialed from a 202 area code and confused AT&T. Sorry, that was rude.

Home line. 1-800-ATT-2020. Voice menu. Billing. Shawn, badge #ST2021. Another nice fellow, this time located in Oakland. Account # and PIN. How can I help you?

Shawn just works in Billing. There's no note on the record or any indication that Y-, agent #CYDLASV359, had applied a $50 representative's credit as stated 29 July. Shawn has no way to route a call to sales, either.

Okay then.

Shawn says the unbundled price for Internet service is still $35. There's no way to cancel U-verse TV from the web interface, call to request it. Billing for mobile phone service can be bundled on the same bill as Internet, but the 20% discount applies only to bundled television/mobile service.

Good enough.


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