FTP Speed Test Lite

First FTP speed test. Single trial of network speed during evening hours (21:30-22:00) when the cable modem is loaded with traffic from the neighbors. The AT&T gateway is unloaded.
  • Upload 6,098,903 byte WMV file, download 97,704,430 zipped collection of MP3s.
  • Transfer program: native MS Windows FTP from command line.
  • Connections are wired (100 Mb/s) Ethernet.
  • Source host is Windows Vista Ultimate x64.
  • Target host is UNIX.
  • Distance to host via AT&T: average 47 msec.
  • Distance to host via TWC: average 25 msec.
  • Number of test runs: 1 upload and download for each network.
  • Test time: 21:30-22:00 PT, during prime time television broadcast.

NetworkTime UpRate UpTime DownRate Down

Not a bad first look. AT&T is twice as fast uploading, and 30% faster downloading.

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