After D-- left, the TV was turned off. At 8pm, it was turned on.

The U-verse DVR displays the Blue Screen of Death.

Looks like a mismatch between screen sizes. What about the other inputs? Nope, they're fine.

Okay, reboot.

Fantastic. Let's turn off/on the TV to see what happens:

Starting the TV (it needs to boot, too) on the HDMI feed from the U-verse DVR flashes "Invalid Format", then "1080i", then goes to the BSOD:

Let's try other channels.

Okay, time to make notes.

The problem occurs every time the TV is turned off and back on that evening. It happens Sunday morning, 3 August. Time to call 800-288-2020.

Service and support says to restart the RG. Why? Because the DVR is dependent on the RG (dependent for what? D-- also said this). RG reboots. TV off, then on.


The service tech will come Tuesday, 5 August, between 10am and 12pm.

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