Simplify, Simplify, Simplify

Eliminating Time-Warner Cable simplifies the house's network:

The tangle of coaxial cabling and signal splitters comes out of the cabinet that houses the TiVo, television, media PC, and Bose DVD/audio system (not shown on diagram).

Entertainment and information choices:

  • Netflix via Wii or PC
    • Disney/ABC announced Sat 10 December they will stream through Netflix
  • Hulu, cbs.com, fox.com, Comedy Central, other shows via PC
  • Amazon, various sources offered directly through TiVO
  • The InterWebZ via PC
  • The public library
    • Our libraries offer many fine DVDs for free to play on the PC or Bose system
    • Libraries also have lots of books.   A lifetime's worth, in fact.
  • Anything on a phone: Twitter, FB, usw.


Paul said...

But...What about FoootBall?

K. Geiger said...

Did you see the previous post about the beer? 8^D

I'm considering getting U-verse TV only for college football season (Sep-Dec). We'll see.

K. Geiger said...

Also not shown on diagram: PCs with TV tuners plugged into the TWC coax.