Firmly in the Middle of the Road

The New York Times reports that time spent on the Internet now matches time spent on cable TV.

Joshua Brustein reports that a Monday, December 12 Forrester Research paper shows all age groups are using the 'Net as much or more than TV. People are still watching TV, just increasingly over IP.

Time spent consuming "lean forward" services like Facebook, YouTube, and so forth matches "sit back" entertainment over cable or broadcast television. In 2007, 18% of surveyed adults watched TV over the 'Net; in 2010, 33% did.

The trend marks a well-understood "beginning of the end". As customers leave, fixed infrastructure costs transfer onto fewer and fewer payers. Rates increase, driving more customers to substitute other goods.

Time-Warner Cable, ComCast, and the like better come up with a compelling suite of services and better pricing soon or end up like Yahoo!, MySpace, and ultimately GeoCities.

Time to short some stocks.

See "American Internet Use Catches up with TV Use" (13 Dec 2010).

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