The U-verse Boys

Two more lads from AT&T dropped by today. Nice lads, dressed like grunge Mormons: black slacks; pressed long-sleeve shirts with AT&T badges; white athletic shoes (they were walking the neighborhood); no ties.

A new sales pitch. They were unaware the premises was already running U-verse. The lady of the house had answered the door and required rescue.

Sorry, we have U-verse. We love the Internet but we're not interested in TV.

Blue-shirt sales guy: Have you heard about the new shows and channel line-up, U420 it's got ...

Not interested. Just converted to watching shows purely over the Internet. Line-up is duplicative. AT&T charges more for U200 Latino, but it's clear why. There's a blog about this; you should read it.

Yellow-shirt sales guy: Have you heard about the fiber service to your house ...

No, U-verse is fiber to the node, not the the home, like Verizon. (Blue shirt sales guy agrees.) Look, just last week brought a new HD-capable micro PC in order to watch TV. Read all about it at [this] blog.

Yellow-shirt: Really? What's the address. Blue-shirt writes it down.

Discussion about bit rates and how easy it was to upgrade speeds. Discussion of Verizon's astounding high-speed bit rates.

Blue shirt: We have a higher speed than , we can get you 25 Mb/s ...

Nope. Residential Gateway says the max rate here is about 20 Mb/s. House is at the end of the run from the node. It took the installers all day to get the rate up to that. When it's working faster it will get looked at.


More chit-chat, good-byes, and they move on the next house.

Good luck guys.

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