New U-verse TV Prices

AT&T is raising some U-verse TV prices 1 February.
From: A message from AT&T
Received: 01/04/2011 2:16 PM

Thank you for choosing AT&T U-verse. We hope you're enjoying the tremendous value of your services. We've worked hard in 2010 to provide you with the best entertainment experience. We've added more TV programming and innovative features, including U-verse Mobile, U-verse Online and My Multiview, which lets you watch four channels at the same time. And U-verse will just keep getting better in 2011.

Effective February 1, 2011, the monthly price for some U-verse TV packages will be increasing. U-family will continue to be $54, U100 will be $59, U200 be $69, U200 Latino will be $79, U300 will be $84, and U450 will be $117. If you are paying a monthly high-speed Internet equipment fee for the Residential Gateway, the monthly price will be $4. If you are on a current U-verse TV pricing promotion, the promotional benefit will continue until the applicable promotion ends or expires.

Interesting that the Spanish-language channels have a $10/month surcharge, probably paid directly to Telmundo, Univision, etc. "¡Aye! ¡Mis telenovellas!" Since they are available over-the-air in this market, they ought to be freely carried. Their regular programming is nearly the same as English-language popular TV, with such keen news exposés as "¿El Rey del Pop homicidio o suicidio?"

Wait. Nevermind; please take ten bucks.

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