Netflix Nixes Qwikster

What's going on, Netflix?  Three weeks almost to the day later, and perhaps after Reed Hastings smoked a different bowl, Netflix nixes Qwikster:

Weirdly, Netflix didn't begin its backtrack with "I messed up," the preferred language for an apologia at the company (a, b, c). And no long-winded, rambling explanation, either. The message is signed "The Netflix Team", although the official blog post is singly signed "Reed".

This move comes after a weekend of intermittent downtime:

The we-are-betting-the-company-on-it streaming service becomes unavailable at 9pm Saturday night?

At this point, investors should be wondering who on the Netflix board "messed up" by keeping these guys around.

What's going on, Netflix?

Update: a detail article from The Wall Street Journal at 1:40 EDT / 10:40 PDT.

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